Film concepts and tutorials

Dictionary of Film Terms - **** - a good collection of common terms used in moviemaking.

Windows Movie Maker - **** - This microsoft site will show you tips on using Windows Movie Maker to capture and edit your movie.


Some of these are for you and some you can use with your class
external image pdf.png How to use your Flip Video Camera - ultra version.pdf - Using the Flip Video Camera handout
Settings\cgoodson\Desktop\flip video cybercollege workshop\handouts\How to use your Flip Video Camera - ultra version.pdf
external image pdf.png Video Shot Logsheet.pdf - Here is a logsheet to use when filming. This one is designed to use with a flip video or other camera that uses digital storage instead of tape or DVD.

external image pdf.png elementary film terms.pdf - This is a good handout to introduce film terms to 3rd - 5th graders.

external image pdf.png shooting basics.pdf - This two-page handout covers basic shots and rules. It's a good handout for students and teachers.

external image pdf.png editing handout.pdf - This handout has some basic tips to help with editing in Windows Movie Maker.